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COVID-19 Update

Access to the service(s) or space(s) listed below has changed due to the University’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. More information on available services and resources can be found here.

Talk to a Librarian or Subject Matter Expert

Have a question for a librarian or subject matter expert? We have answers! Check out the many ways you can contact us: 

On the go

Temple Libraries offers multiple ways to get your question answered when you are off campus or on the move:

At the One Stop Assistance desk

Librarians are available throughout the day to answer your questions in-person when you are in Charles Library. Go to the One Stop Assistance desk and let us know the type of help you need.

Schedule an appointment

Librarians are available by appointment for further consultation on many topics, including general research, subject-specific research, questions about data, scholarly communication tools and publishing, digital scholarship and more. Librarians are available for scheduled consultations both in-person and online.

If you need personalized research support, you can request a consultation using our self-service scheduling system.

You can also contact a librarian by phone or email to schedule an appointment.